Awesome Desk Accessories 2019

My absolute favorite part of my home office is my desk. My desk is completely customized to fit my needs, style, and aesthetic and you can do this too! The possibilities are truly limitless, and your work-space deserves to be just an unique as you are! 

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Our team went a little overboard on this one, but who can blame us with so many exciting products out there? Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of awesome desk accessories, we have found some very cool pieces to bring you today. All of the following products have been thoroughly reviewed, but even if they do not suit your needs or style, use these products to kick-start that imagination!

The SONGMICS Monitor Stand Riser is absolutely adorable, and perfect for those of you who have less room to work with.

This may not be the most impressive monitor riser out there, but the bamboo finish as well as the six handy organization sections make this monitor riser extremely functional. Posture is extremely important, especially for those that spend a lot of their time in front of a screen. Rising your monitor to be at eye level, is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your desk posture! With over 300 five star reviews, this inexpensive stand is definitely a crowd favorite. 

The next item is one that I have personally used…extensively. After buying a new monitor, the Acer V277U, I went searching for a monitor arm, as I was tired of trying to get my monitor at the perfect height and angle all the time. Let me tell you….there are a ton of options out there, at all different price points and styles. I eventually landed on the AmazonBasics Premium Single 32 Inch Monitor Stand, and not just because of the 1,200 five star reviews. I watched countless videos read every review, and Reddit comment I could find, and it looked very promising, so I took the plunge. 

I was immediately impressed with the build quality upon opening the package and was able to easily get it set up. The monitor arm easily held the weight of my monitor, and the tension can be adjusted if yours is heavier. The fluidity of adjustment, as well as the range of motion this product offer, continue to impress me to this day…I’m actually using it as I type. I chose the “clamp” style monitor arm, but Amazon also offers a wall-mounted version for slightly less, if you so choose.

Lastly, for those of you who have already discovered the many benefits of a standing desk, our team found a very unique standing desk mat that I just had to share. The Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board is not your average standing desk mat. Those of you who have already discovered the benefits of standing while you work may also know that the true key is motion. Sitting all day long may be terrible for you, but standing in place for the same duration is also not ideal. With the Revolution balance board, the solution has truly arrived. With six different colors/options, the Revolution balance board aims to cover the needs and style of all you standing desk lovers out there. This balance board allows you to exercise while you work, improve productivity and focus, and honestly just makes working more fun. One of my favorite things to highlight about a product such as this one is the fact that they are 100% made in America, and they are built to last with comfort and convenience in mind. 

These are but a few of the many products out there that will help to increase the productivity and usability of your home office. I hope this list has helped to bring forth some inspiration so that you can get out there and continue to live your absolute best Office Lyfe!