Must have Notebooks 2019

I absolutely cannot get by without my notebook, can you? It is truly the crux of my organization, sure, I have other methods to my madness, but I would be utterly lost without my notebook. 

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In all honesty, I have multiple notebooks for different applications of life, and there are certain types and styles that work better than others for specific things.  My go-to notebook is the Moleskine Classic Notebook (hardcover, of course).

This notebook is popular all around, and more than likely you already have a few stashed somewhere. The quality of the cover and paper alone keeps me coming back to Moleskin time and time again, and I imagine I will continue to do so forever.  With 14 different colors, as well as 4 different styles of pages, there is most certainly a Moleskin option that would fit your needs.

There are many imitators of the classic Moleskin notebook, but all seem to fall short of the quality one has come to expect from Moleskin. However, if you are more budget-minded, and do not mind the lack of color or style option, the AmazonBasics Classic Lined Notebook may be the ticket for you.

Of course, this is no Moleskin, but it’s not *too* far off. With almost 300 five star reviews, most people are quite satisfied with this notebook. You still have a hard covered notebook with acid-free pages, integrated bookmark, and even expandable inner pocket, all for $9.60 – which is quite good in our opinion. 

For those eccentrics out there who simply require a splash of style, check out this genuine leather-bound notebook.

After researching this notebook, our team simply had to add it here. There is just something about the retro style of a leather notebook, and the feel you get when holding one, that cannot be replaced by modern equivalents. Admittedly, this is purely aesthetic, however, the notebook also boasts 240 pages of acid-free paper (crafted with recycled cotton) that is sure to get the job done, whether you are taking notes or making a journal entry. With over 1,200 5 star review (WOW!) you are sure to not be disappointed with this special notebook. 

One thing about me is, I like to have my notebook easily accessible to me no matter where I go, and while using your smartphone is what most choose to do, there is something about putting pen to paper that I cannot just get past.  For mobile note-taking, our team chose to highlight the Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook.

With numerous colors and pack size options, this is a perfect choice to throw in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket! But hey, it’s not just the size of the notebook that we like, as the name would imply the pages of this notebook are super water-resistant. Sure, you aren’t always taking notes standing in the middle of a downpour, but over 1,000 reviews for this product speak to this transferring to durability and longevity of the pages and notebook itself.  You can write in these notebooks with any utensil, but may also choose to go with one of their Rite in the Rain pens which are also extremely durable and reliable.

Whatever notebook you choose, just make sure that it helps you to live your absolute best Office Lyfe!