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Best Smart Lighting for your Home Office

Lighting is essential for any workspace, this much is true, but it doesn’t just have to be a utility. These days, the options for affordable smart lighting have greatly increased, and it’s a wonderful way to spruce up your home office.

There are many different varieties to replace the old “dumb” lighting with new smart features. Some opt to go with a fully integrated option such as smart light bulbs that connect to Amazon’s Alexa or one of the other smart hub devices. Others prefer a more local option such as a smart lamp or simply a smart outlet/light switch.

Whatever your preference may be, the options these days are quite vast, and it is truly a buyer’s market.

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If you prefer to keep things simple, or perhaps you like the aesthetic of the lamps you have already purchased and simply wish to add a little modern flair and convenience to your home office, a smart outlet may be the right choice for you.

The smart outlet that I purchased (at retail price from Amazon) to  test, was the Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link                 

At the lowest price on this list, this is very much an economical way to add some smart features to your lighting options. The Kasa Smart WiFi Plug integrates with the Kasa app on either Apple or Andriod devices and works over wi-fi. It can also be controlled through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. I have been thoroughly enjoying this option, I can now be freely lazy and no longer have to stop what I am doing, and get up, to turn on my lamp. Honestly, this has been much more convenient than I originally expected.

The Smart outlet works by switching the power on or off that is being delivered from your standard outlet, the device the outlet is connected to will always be “on” but will only receive power once you switch on the smart outlet. The applications for such a device, are definitely not limited to just lamps or lighting, you can use this with just about anything!

Within the app, you are able to add additional outlets, customize the name of the devices connected, and even set timers to turn on or off the outlet. There is also single button functionality for controlling multiple devices when you set up a scene or schedule, super useful!

The next option, without “fully committing”  would be a portable smart lamp. The advantages of a smart lamp go beyond the previous option. Not do you get full integration through an app, but now you will also have color options, as well as the portability factor, which cannot be overlooked.

After researching over 50 options for smart lamps, spending countless hours on reviews, comparisons, and videos, our team landed on two smart lamp options.

First, we have the Philips Hue Go White and Color Portable Dimmable LED Smart Light Table Lamp. Philips Hue is synonymous with smart lighting features, and understandably so, but it will definitely cost you. This is undoubtedly not the best “budget” option, but with that price you do receive the full functionality and quality that you would expect from a Phillips Hue product.

The Hue smart lamp can be fully integrated with the Hue Hub, and can be fully controlled either through the app or voice activated through Amazon Alexa. The customization of this product, especially when integrating with the full range of Hue products and settings, is just about endless.

My favorite feature about these smart lamps, besides the convenience of app or voice control, is the ability to control the brightness level as well as the color, and most of all the portability factor. These smart lamps come with an internal rechargeable battery that allows you to bring them with you. From the desk to the living room coffee table, the smart lamp is a great choice for portable lighting, and this option from Hue can last up to 3 hours on a full charge.

The next smart lamp our team chose, comes in at a much lower cost of the Phillips Hue lamp, and although it may have less features and brand recognition as the previous option, the AUKEY Table Lamp is a great choice to bring some color to your work-space!

Alright, alright…this may not be the “smartest” of smart lamps, but there are many reasons our team chose this lamp. With over 2,000 five star reviews on Amazon, the AUKEY Table Lamp could not be ignored.

For some of us out there, our favorite feature is simply the ability to change the color of your lighting source, and at the current price, this is one of the best options out there. With three brightness modes, a wide range of RGB color spectrum, and a full 360-degree touch activation, this lamp may be exactly what you are looking for.

Finally, what if you want to go “all-out”? Hey, maybe you want your entire house to turn red at 3:06 pm, who am I to judge?

If this is the case, you are probably going to want to purchase smart light bulbs like these from Hue. Our team found plenty of options for smart bulbs, but even with the price from Hue, they offer the best complete integration and hassle-free operation.

As can be expected with all Hue products, you can control these bulbs either through the app or through voice control. With over 16 million colors and shades of white, the sky is truly the limit here. Let your creativity flow, and customize your lighting exactly the way you want it.

Whatever you may choose, I hope you are able to find the best smart lighting for your needs, so that you can get back to living your best Office Lyfe!

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